Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi

Do you need help with transporting your pet to the vet, to the groomer or to doggy daycare? I can help! I provide safe and reliable pet taxi services and I really enjoy this aspect of my work. I strive to create a relaxing environment in the car by keeping it well ventilated and at a comfortable temperature. I also believe the right music can provide a calm environment for both the pet and driver, so I typically play jazz while traveling with animals.

One of the safest ways to transport your dog in a vehicle is to put the dog in the back seat with a tether or a harness attached to the seat belt. The front seat is too close to the dashboard and to potential air bag contact, in the event of an accident. A dog placed in the front seat also serves as a distraction for the driver. Cat carriers are also placed in the back seat and secured to a seat belt.

Nanny Goat Pet Services is insured to transport your pet.

Pet Taxi 1-way $30
1-way means I drive from my house to your house and take the dog to its destination OR I drive from my house to pick the pet up at its destination, then drive the pet to your house. 1-way trips beyond 5 miles may incur an extra charge.

If you have other unique transportation needs, I will supply you with an estimate upon request.

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